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Quality Assurance Approach


Contract Number: N00178-11-D-6427

Allied Associates International (A2I) incorporates Quality Assurance into in every program in its portfolio.  Quality Assurance (QA) is achieved through advanced planning and assignment of qualified staff resources and tools for use in program and project management.   A2I’s documented QA policy places specific requirements upon program managers, line managers, employees, and the A2I executive team. The QA policy requires regular reporting between management levels to document identification of challenges, and the creation and execution of plans to address such challenges.

With support and input from the senior management team, A2I’s Director of Contracts leads a monthly program management review (PMR) to review contract cost performance, confirm adherence to contract requirements and standards, and monitor preventive and corrective actions as appropriate.  Problems identified during the performance of a project are quickly assessed by the management team.  A2I’s QA process ensure that all risks are identified, prioritized, communicated, analyzed, mitigated, and tracked to resolution.

If you have any questions about A2I’s QA program, please contact Matthew Dost, director of Contracts, at