Our Company



Founded in 2008, Allied Associates International (A2I) is headquartered in Gainesville, Virginia. With satellite offices in Alabama, Colorado, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and a wholly owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom we are committed to providing cutting-edge technical products and services to the Defense, Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities. A2I specializes in the development of software tools and solutions, and provides a wide range of mission support services to our clients. Our employees are engineers, scientists and subject matter experts who have extensive experience working on critical Government programs.

Using our experienced staff as the basis for establishing our workforce and growing our business, we offer a full range of engineering and analytical capabilities to provide solutions to meet our customers’ needs as well as full-time technical assistance and consulting in both intelligence and defense related areas. We are committed to the highest standards of client service, staff development, and ethical business practices. We seek to add value through innovation and creativity, aligning both our services and our products with our clients’ goals and meeting their quality, schedule and cost objectives.


  • Founded 2008
  • Headquartered in Gainesville, Virginia
  • Rated As One Of The Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies In 2013, 2014 And 2015 By Inc. Magazine


In every sector of the company, our people are among the very best in their fields. We have been fortunate to attract these talented professionals – they are our most valuable asset. Because of our reputation for high quality work we are being sought out by clients whose missions require dependable solutions to their most challenging issues.

When asked to describe our company our people said:

  • Family Oriented, Passionate, Progressive
  • Trust, Empowerment, Delivering
  • Professional Exciting Challenging
  • Entrepreneur Mission Focused
  • Driven, Adaptable, Flexible
  • Open, Growing, Flexible
  • Very Positive Environment
  • Appreciative, Dedicated, Talented
  • Honest, Trustworthy, Dedicated
  • Steady, Synergetic, Innovative
  • Fun but Focused
  • Seeking Technical Excellence
  • Responsive, Collaborative, Smart
  • Focused, Family, Generous
  • Geeks On Call
  • Commitment, Competence, Community
  • Compassionate, Loyal, Honest
  • Innovative, Industrious, Cooperative
  • Hard Working, Friendly, Smart
  • Flexible, Responsive, Motivated
  • Positive, Supportive, Competitive
  • Innovative, Driven, And Dedicated
  • Dynamic Energetic Company
  • Dedicated, Professional, Helpful
  • Have Fun, Work Hard, Go Fast
  • Positive, Competent, Growing
  • Diverse, Fair, Positive Environment
  • Relaxed, Innovative, Hardworking
  • Integrity, People, Performance
  • Technical, Committed, Professionals
  • Supportive, Creative, Open
  • Innovative, Dedicated, Family-Oriented
  • Relaxed, Friendly, Inclusive
  • Integrity Focus Excellence


To be a global leader in providing cutting-edge technical products and services to the Defense, Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities.

To have a superior reputation for our integrity, technical excellence, customer satisfaction, and be a partner of choice for clients.


To seek out challenging national security problems and deliver state-of-the-art solutions in support of our client’s missions. We recruit and retain the most qualified people in industry to deliver the highest quality of services and products because we know that our success is directly tied to our customers’ success.


COMMITMENT – Commitment is our cornerstone, we are dedicated to excellence in our work and support to our clients while providing meaningful employment and a positive work environment to our employees.

INNOVATION – Always looking to the future we will continually identify, develop and deploy leading edge solutions to support our clients’ mission.

RESULTS – We deliver exceptional results to our customers all the time, every time.