A²I’s defense sector assists in protecting the U.S. and its allies from the threat of ballistic missiles. We provide our customers with expert support to accomplish a variety of missions in training, engineering and international programs execution. Our primary focus is providing training and doctrine development capabilities, the execution of international policy development and support to Foreign Military Sales (FMS).


Trainer of Choice

As the Trainer of Choice for the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command’s (SMDC) Directorate of Training and Doctrine (DOTD), our professionals deliver institutional training, collective training development, leadership development, and doctrine development expertise in the areas of Space Operations, Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD), Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD), and AN/TPY-2 (Forward Based Mode) Strategic Radar Sensor Management using the Command, Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) System.

A²I’s Quality Assurance (QA) experts have oversight on over 25 courses offered by DOTD, and their QA efforts were instrumental in the DOTD Schoolhouse receiving a U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Accreditation rating as an “Institution of Excellence.”

Certified Instructors

Our instructors are certified and have a thorough understanding of the DoD regulations. We are experienced in providing Unit Training Support for Warfighter elements: developing Training Support Packages, Training Circulars, Technical Manuals and Crew Drills for BMD, GMD, Sensor Management and Space Operations. Our collective training experts are also involved in the Combined Arms Training Strategy (CATS) and the Army METL Working Group (AMWG) processes.

The development, implementation and deployment of Distributed Learning programs, Computer-Based Training, and Mobile Training Teams are within our team’s breadth of experience. Our team understands training development, training instruction, and doctrine development and are knowledgeable in TRADOC’s processes and implementing the Army’s Lessons Learned Program to push doctrine to the field as quickly as possible. A²I’s subject matter experts have extensive experience developing and integrating Army Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership Education, Personnel and Facilities (DOTMLPF) solutions with Missile Defense Agency’s capabilities, and have demonstrated this by continuously developing quality GMD software update training for the Warfighter.

A²I’s established standards of excellence in the principles of training and doctrine development can be applied practically to any field. For institutional training, collective training development, leadership development, and doctrine development expertise, look to A²I to deliver the best in industry.

International Affairs

Cooperation between international partners is necessary for a comprehensive defense against a variety of threats. We provide experts and processes to support our customers in executing cooperative engineering programs, develop international strategies, and understand complex changing political realities.

FMS Execution

International engagements, technology transfers, and FMS case executions are highly complex. We assist our customers through all aspects of the FMS process. We support cradle-to-grave case execution with a variety of international partners. We tailor our support to ensure country-specific requirements are achieved.

Test and Systems Engineering

BMD requires an understanding of incredibly complex engineering principles and requirements. We implement a variety of BMD test processes and systems, and provide system capabilities expertise. We develop element risk content for test assessments.


Staff Support and Operations

A²I offers a wide range of advisory and support services for DOD customers.

We provide support to various DoD components including SMDC and the Army’s only Space Brigade in support of U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) and ongoing overseas contingency operations. A²I offers subject matter expertise on Space Training, Evaluation and Certification programs, unit readiness reporting processes, current operations, Leader Development programs, and Lessons Learned programs. As an advisory and assistance services provider we work with commanders on a wide range of topics related to Army Space operations, including interpreting policy, conceptualizing system issues or requirements, analyzing highly complex technical and programmatic problems.

Our team delivers exceptional staff support for multiple customers. We have access to world-class talent, with real world experiences, that can quickly provide any level of expertise required.

Joint Ballistic Missile Defense Training Support Services

A²I provides advisory and assistance staff support to the Joint Training and Education Center (JBTEC). We develop and implement operationally relevant joint and multi-national BMD curricula for the Joint Community, to include staff officers and senior military and civilian leaders.

We provide education and training to the BMD Warfighter, provide train the trainer programs as required, develop and execute seminars to senior military and civilian leaders. Currently, we maintain 7 base courses. Some of these courses are offered to the international BMD community.

A²I is skilled in Joint Ballistic Missile Defense operations with real world experiences.