A²I’s cyber sector solves challenging problems to benefit national security. We help our customers succeed in their missions by offering cutting edge products and services. Our primary focus is on developing software to extract actionable intelligence from electronic communications, but our staff is equipped to tackle almost any software engineering problem – we excel in facing new challenges.


Developing custom software solutions to process intercepted data sets

We understand the internet, how it works, and how the billions of people connected to the internet communicate. We apply that expertise to identify intelligence from collected data for law enforcement, intelligence, and private sector customers. Our capabilities in this area are wide-ranging, and include software to process intercepted packet data, CALEA-compliant mediation solutions, and network monitoring solutions for cybersecurity.

Performing digital forensics

Identifying, extracting, and processing data at rest on devices is key to missions ranging from law enforcement analyzing seized media to private sector organizations mitigating insider threats. A²I is highly skilled in performing these functions, making sense of the data, and making it relevant to our customers’ missions.


A²I offers software products when solutions are applicable to multiple customers, meeting multiple mission requirements in a more cost-effective fashion than selling services. We excel in applying our cyber sector’s capabilities to develop software products, and can produce results from almost any of those capabilities. A²I currently sells products to meet the requirements of the following mission areas:

CALEA and Lawful interception

A²I offers software products performing vital functions for organizations to ensure CALEA compliance. Our software performs many compliance functions including tasking, mediation, and implementing the CALEA handover interfaces to transport intercept data to law enforcement agencies. The software is developed in an extensible fashion, enabling us to adapt quickly to expanding and changing customer requirements.

Network Forensics

A²I offers the network forensics community software to quickly and efficiently investigate network traffic anomalies. With our software, end users can easily dive into detailed information on their network to answer questions related to a network’s security posture, insider threat activity, and devices present on the network over the past 30 days. Our solutions are offered as software-only or preinstalled on an appliance for customer convenience.

Custom Network Protocol Processing Solutions

A²I builds custom network protocol processing solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Our Growlan data processing framework is a collection of reusable modules that allows us to build custom applications with a reduced time to market and lower price point than other alternatives. Our primary focus is on network protocol processing, and we build applications for any use case including network forensics, lawful interception, cyber security, and network diagnostics.