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Compliance and Business Ethics

Policy: A2I maintains several key policies that form the basis for its compliance and business ethics programs, which are tailored to fit A2I’s core government contracting business.  These policies address a wide variety of issues such as business conduct, conflicts of interest, timekeeping, and harassment in the workplace.  In drafting and reviewing corporate policies relating to ethics and compliance, A2I management takes a “plain language” approach to promote a common understanding across all levels within the company. To ensure adherence to its policies, A2I retains and empowers senior management and executive personnel with specific training in the areas of government contracts compliance, employment law, regulatory compliance, accounting, finance, and program management.

Training: A2I’s annual training program, delivered to all employees, encourages an interactive approach to understanding compliance and ethics issues that may impact each employee.  Presentations are tailored by division to place an emphasis on those issues that impact specific work settings and job types and are delivered by senior management personnel with relevant training and experience in applicable subject matter.  Training highlights “issue spotting” as a key skill and encourages reporting of issues up the management chain.  Questions about A2I’s compliance and business ethics program may be directed to